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SENTRIO is the next step in software development streamlining.

Speed up and improve your development and delivery
workflows leaning on Value Stream Management.

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The Value Stream Management Revolution

SENTRIO sits at the core of software development, boosting Agile and DevOps methodologies to turn your digital efforts into business value.

Get real time insights of development speed and quality of your software products, measured with standard industry-wide metrics.

Reinvent software management using our analytics tools to discover bottlenecks and assure you meet your delivery milestones

Step-up your potential

SENTRIO’s goal is to help you identify your talent and improve your processes, saving time and resources so that you can focus on realizing your ideas.

Eventually, our platform will become an AI-powered solution used to optimize software development by autonomously detecting, reacting and reporting variations of key performance indicators.

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Interconnect your toolchain to get a centralized vision that enables analysis and decision making. The flexibility of our platform allows the integration of both well known and custom tools.