SENTRIO integrates the different tools used in the software development life cycle in order to centralize relevant information on the quality, security, and development velocity of your products.

Gather metrics that enable the analysis of your delivery processes from beginning to end, and with the predictive capabilities of our platform, make better decisions based on the analysis of data in real time.

Project management and other management tools

Jira Cloud and Server

Jira is the most widely used project management tool in the world of Agile. Utilize SENTRIO to extract relevant information on state transitions, up times, execution, resolution speed, etc. With this information, you can obtain a clear view of the time that elapses from the moment an idea is conceived until the product is integrated in a productive environment, as well as monitor the distribution percentages of the different types of activities carried out (features, bugs, spikes). Ultimately, you can accelerate your time to market and increase client satisfaction by better evaluating and improving the management of your projects.

Automation and continuous integration tools


Jenkins is a deployment automation tool that allows for the implementation of a methodology of integration and continuous delivery. SENTRIO integrates with Jenkins to gather relevant information regarding the different releases that are produced in each execution environment. With this, you can know exactly what features of your business applications are available in which environments, with what frequency you deploy in production environments, what the rate of failure of each system is, etc. With SENTRIO you can track, measure, assess, and improve your value delivery processes and therefore deploy in a manner that is more frequent and less prone to errors.

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is a set of tools that makes possible the administration of projects in different development phases. It allows you to automate deployments with CI/CD pipelines, create panels for project management down to the configuration, administrate, and execute practice plans. SENTRIO integrates with Azure DevOps as an alternative to Jenkins, allowing you to monitor your different releases and generate relevant metrics and indicators. SENTRIO also integrates with Azure Boards to extract development speed metrics.

Static code analysis tools


We intake information from SonarQube in order to monitor the progression of the technical debt of your systems in real time. This information is relevant to the quality, velocity, and efficiency of each system and is centralized in one place.


Kiuwan is a static code analysis tool, specialized in the execution of SAST analysis, that searches for security vulnerabilities in your systems throughout the entire software development life cycle. The integration of Kiuwan allows you to focus in on the security of your applications, guaranteeing that security vulnerabilities are anticipated and resolved.

Version control tools


Integrate your distributed version control system to obtain the traceability provided between commits executed by your development teams with tasks, user history, bugs, etc. SENTRIO integrates the leading version control servers (GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket) in both its web version and its private servers.

Custom integrations

We integrate with proprietary solutions and non-standard tools to provide our platform with the most information possible so that decision making can be made easy.

Our team will create a custom solution to funnel into our platform the information provided by these types of private and independent systems, mapping and transforming the information to guarantee it is easy to interpret along with the rest of the data facilitated by the other interconnected tools.