Acelerate and improve

software delivery

Gain a comprehensive view of the flow of value to facilitate analysis and decision making, ultimately leading to increased time-to-market speeds and significantly reduced costs.

What does offer
as a VSM platform?
A comprehensive view of your products products that leads to the delivery of better software

SENTRIO provides meaningful and visual information to learn about and improve the performance of your teams and projects.

Visibility from start to finish

Supervise, in real time, the velocity and quality of your software products
across metrics relevant to your business.

SENTRIO aids in better decision making by generating KPIs with standards such as:

DORA Four Key Metrics

Lead Time For Changes, Deployment Frequency, Change Failure Rate, Time To Restore

Quality metric
Quality Metrics

Technical Debt, Complexity, Security

workflow metric
Workflow Metrics

Feature-bug balance, efficiency, entre otras

Ensure software delivery deadlines are met through our analytics tools.

SENTRIO helps you identify and eliminate bottlenecks and waste in the value stream.

Workflow efficiency

Evaluate code quality, easily control the technical debt of your projects, and ensure security during the entire software delivery process by identifying bugs and vulnerabilities.

technical deb

Visualize, in a clear and centralized manner, the status of all of your initiatives.  Make comparisons, using customizable categories, to monitor the performance and development of projects:

Visualize, in clear and centralized manner, the status of all of yours initiatives. Make comparisons, using customizable categories, to monitor the performance and development of projects:

Who should use SENTRIO

SENTRIO provides you with the necessary information for your company role:


Will be able to closely monitor the production strategy and make smart decisions using the data collected.

Product Owner

Will gain a clear and comprehensive view of the status of all of their digital products, the impact from changes carried out, and the scheduling of deliveries.

Scrum Master

Will be able to easily monitor the project, identify bottlenecks, and anticipate problems.


Will be able to consult, in a single application, all of the relevant information to accelerate software development. Tracking features, status, and project progress.

Why use our VSM platform
What sets SENTRIO apart

Security is our priority

SENTRIO was created with security as a priority, using the latest technology. Your data is encrypted, and data intake is controlled using credentials and IP filtering.

All of which is certified by our annual security audit.

Scoring tailored to your business goals

Our platform offers a scoring system that is personalized based on the metrics you work with.

Each metric can be customized, according to your specific needs, to have either more or less weight in the calculation of your project’s Score.

Obtain better results with Gamification

Projects managed by SENTRIO are given a grade that can be used to evaluate team performance.

It provides a ranking for the best performing projects to encourage friendly competition between teams. In this way, teams become more efficient and deliver better quality code.

Express Onboarding

Our SaaS solution is designed to easily integrate with your systems. We have developed a collection of plugins for market-leading tools so that you can start using SENTRIO in the least amount of time possible.

Integrate your tools with SENTRIO

SENTRIO integrates not only with the standard software development lifecycle tools
(Jira, Jenkins, Bitbucket, Sonarqube, etc.) but also with proprietary tools.

For this, we carry out ad-hoc customizations to achieve the best fit for your digital environment. This will allow you to intake more information, and with that, gain a wider and more precise view of your delivery processes.