Talent and technology working together to boost digitalization of IT organizations

SENTRIO was created with the purpose of improving your company’s ability to develop software that is more agile, efficient, and aligned with your business needs.

We prefer digitalization processes that offer maximum visibility so that decisions can be made using data gathered from various sources. This not only includes the analysis of past activities but also the ability to anticipate future problems using artificial intelligence and the predictive capabilities of our platform.

With SENTRIO, your company can analyze in depth your software development processes and adapt them to generate deliverables that provide more value with less production costs, while also encouraging productivity and end user satisfaction.

Our values are what set us apart


SENTRIO reflects the environment and personality of our team. Technology and a focus on results shape our corporate culture


Creativity, quality, and leadership to build a reliable, robust, resilient, and scalable solution. Talent is the backbone that runs through our company.


Our commitment goes further than just our platform. We can help you analyze and interpret your indicators as well as measure the impact of the actions you are currently carrying out in order to improve them.


SENTRIO is a platform in constant evolution. We align ourselves with software industry trends to offer you a versatile, intelligent, and highly customizable solution for your needs.

Our History


SENTRIO is born as a spin-off from Profile, a company specialized in technology consulting with a strong expertise in enterprise architectures. A team of more than 10 give shape to this new way of understanding Value Stream Management.


SENTRIO is constituted as an independent entity and begins its trajectory to position itself as a leading VSM platform in the industry.